What new features would you like us to add?

If you have an idea for a new feature for Journalate, please leave a comment below. 



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    Jan Marie

    Almost a month later I would still like to have the right time, you have no time listed that reflects the time where I live.    I would really appreciate an answer for this.

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    Mary Sizemore-Morris

    I would love to see a print feature where you can have all your entires printed in a book/journal type thing. Eventually I would want to have them printed but doing it myself will be kinda a pain. If you can figure that out and have it ready, that'd make my life easier. I would totally buy the volumes as I keep going and it would be motivation to keep journaling too. :) 

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    Steve Campbell

    I have tried on multiple occasions to post entries for dates in years past, but they never post.  Is there a special trick to adding posts for past years?

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    The idea of a phone app would most definitely be my bigger wish list item so far.

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